Youth that were not able to escape were

Youth Aliyah was made in Berlin by Recha Freier, January 1933, when Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany and took away opportunities from the Jews. The organization worked with other leaders who worked with youth to resettle children to Berlin and later Palestine to escape their situation. Youth Aliyah saved more than 11,000 Jewish youth from Germany and countries also controlled by Nazis by supplying them with the access to leave Germany and go to Palestine. Henrietta Szold was Director of Youth Aliyah and she worked hard to direct the children when they arrived at Palestine Leaders of Youth Aliyah like Henrietta Szold and greeted youth at the dock when their boat arrived to go to a kibbutz (a communal settlement). A kibbutz is a place where citizens do their trade and get what they need.Recha Freier was born in Germany, October 29, 1892, where she experienced anti-semitism. In 1932 Recha realized that the Jewish teenagers in Germany would not have a real future unless they move away like she did. Laws were put on Jews that forbade them professional development and other opportunities. She realized that she could send these teenagers to Palestine, so they could get an education, a year prior to the Nazis taking power over Germany. In Berlin, January 1933, Recha founded the Committee for the Assistance of Jewish Youth. Recha asked Henrietta Szold to help the children when they reached Palestine but the two women did not talk much safer due to their clashing personalities. In 1940 Recha was forced to flee Germany. When youth were cut off from traveling to Palestine from Nazi-Germany Henrietta continued to help children in Palestine.Sonya was a teenager during the rise of the Holocaust. She was able to escape by going to Israel and her family was able to escape by going to the United States. Her family that were not able to escape were killed by the Nazis. Her uncles, aunts, and cousins died in the camps and her grandmother was thrown out of a window. Sonya traveled from Germany to Israel at age sixteen. At this time sixteen was a fairly young age so it was hard for her to part with her family for she did not know if she would see them again. When she left her mother fell on the floor in sadness of leaving her daughter. Sonya’s parents and her sister had a relative in the United States so they were able to leave Germany before the Jews were transported from their homes. Sonya explains that at that time people did not do things illegally like they do know. Sonya says how now she does not understand why people did not just leave when they could. She says that you need papers to leave. Youth Aliyah were able to get papers to save some children from what would lay ahead. It was hard to hide among aryans because the Nazis had records of everyone and their family before them. The Nazis were organized so the only way to leave is with papers. She spent three weeks in Berlin working on a farm with a group of kids, only Jews. After Berlin went to Strasburg Switzerland, then took a boat to Palestine (Israel). She stayed in kibbutz for two years. Hadassah made youth aliyah which brought Jewish kids like Sonya to the kibbutz.Youth Aliyah did not end when the Holocaust ended but continues to save children from their dangerous situation. Now Youth Aliyah brings children from over 20 countries to their spots in Israel. Children from this program become lawyers, writers, farmers, scientists, accountants, teachers, and many other professions that hold our society together. 300,000 children from 80 countries have graduated Youth Aliyah since its founding. Youth in the program faced abuse, extreme poverty, neglect, and learning disabilities. In the program children receive food, shelter and an education.